McPherson Tire Shop


Location: Zenith Design Group, 135 Church Street (Side Wall)

About the Artist: Lindsey O’Shields is a Hellenistic Romanticist, working primarily in oils and encaustic, creating idiosyncratic, impassioned art pieces. She creates, instructs, and encourages others to explore their art from the freedom of her garden studio nestled on the property of Hillcrest, a historic home in Marietta, GA. O’Shields has worked as a scenic artist for theatre and film for over 15 years, and has created two other murals for the M2R TrailFest: the Big Little Chickens in 2018, and En Pointe in 2019. McPherson Tire Shop references the history of property where it is located, which was operated as a tire shop in the warehouse behind (now operated as The Brickyard,) and a gas station out front by the McPherson Family.
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