Marietta Arts Council, Inc. is a volunteer-based Georgia nonprofit group working in the City of Marietta to enrich the artistic and cultural landscape of the City of Marietta through advocacy, education, and public art. In 2018, The Marietta Arts Council partnered with the City of Marietta to kick off a weekend celebrating the thriving art scene in Marietta at the inaugural Mountain to River TrailFest with performances, mural installations, and a sculpture garden along the new urban trail connecting Lewis Park to Brown Park, running through downtown Marietta.


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What we do

Dedicated to enriching the arts throughout the 23 square miles of Marietta, GA, this volunteer organization creates experiential installations and performances of public art, most notably at the annual Mountain to River TrailFest, a free festival featuring murals, sculptures, performances, and much more each May.

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Support the Arts

The arts are an intrinsic part of the local Marietta community. The Marietta Arts Council works to support current arts organizations and programs, and to develop new initiatives for the thriving arts community.


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