Apply today to be a part of the #mariettaartscene

The Marietta Arts Council invites all local and out of state artists to apply to be a part of the bourgeoning arts scene in the City of Marietta!

The Marietta Arts Council is currently accepting proposals for artists, as well as locations for artworks on private properties, both residential and commercial. See below for specific art types the Council is accepting.

  • Mural Installations: 2D Visual Artists working on a variety of sized walls to install painted or printed artworks. Artworks can be approved to stay installed between 1 year and 5 years. 

  • Sculpture Tour: 3D Artists loaning artwork to be a part of the Marietta Sculpture Tour (up to 6 months) or selling site-specific artwork installations to the City of Marietta

  • Digital Installation: This is a specific call open to all digital artists, click here to learn more.

  • Performers: All forms of performer, including but not limited to theatre, dance, musicians and bands, acrobats, aerialists. The Arts Council is looking especially for performers who actively live and work in the Metro Atlanta Area. Performers are needed for the annual events, TrailFest in May and the Marietta Arts Gala in October. Rolling openings are available at the monthly Marietta Square First Friday Artwalk. 


there are Other ways to get involved, too!

Want to sponsor a public art project or donate to arts initiatives in Marietta? Own a property in Marietta that could use some artwork? Want to volunteer with us? Click an option below and let us know, or email us at