Features Overview


Hope Breaks Through

Park West Vintage, 17 Whitlock Ave

A mixed media installation created by student artists at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. The collaged pieces represent various struggles, while superhero Captain Devereux represents our inner self overcoming obstacles.


Catlanta Kitten Drop

Multiple Locations

Follow @catlanta_art for clues to 20 pieces of art along the trail! These pieces, designed and created exclusively for M2R TrailFest, are Finders Keepers! Come out to experience the art, and take home your very own kitten friend if you’re lucky.


Playscapes for All

Trailside (weather-dependent)

An interactive installation provided by Kennesaw State University: Dept of Architecture/Tactical Urbanism. Urban chairs designed to be configured in multiple ways in order to make public spaces more appealing. 


M2R Fence Gallery

Trailside through July 11

A mile-long curated exhibit featuring more than 100 original fine art and photography works, as well as a student section. Exhibit runs through July 11, 2019. Vote for your favorite works here:


The Public aDress

Marietta Museum of History, Trailside (Inside if rain)

We want to hear from you! Provide your views on the future of public art in Marietta while collaborating on a one-of-a-kind art installation.